Essential information and empowering strategies for parents, caregivers and educators of children and teens

This workshop provides the opportunity to:

  • receive professional guidance and effective strategies for both home and school settings
  • discover common, well-intentioned mistakes you may be making and learn how to proceed more effectively
  • gain a solid understanding of how to implement the most empirically sound approach (C.B.T.) to treating anxiety
  • understand the physiological, cognitive, and behavioural components inherent in anxiety
  • learn about a variety of anxiety disorders and uncover where your child stands along the anxiety spectrum
  • acquire individualized guidance and age-appropriate, effective strategies tailored to reduce your child’s anxiety both at home and in school 
  • learn from fellow parents and educators dealing with similar challenges
  • leave with renewed optimism and concrete strategies required for progress

Childhood Anxiety: Empowering Strategies and Effective Support


Professionals who have taken this workshop have commented:

“Two thumbs up! Very relevant, with practical “do-able" strategies and a ton of information. It was wonderful to have humour, and to have it all spoken of simply and honestly.”

(Margo Smith, Junior kindergarten teacher)

“Great Presentation - very valuable and relevant information. Provided me with new tools to use with my girls.”

(Michelle Rennie, Parent)

“Your ability to give hope is beautiful! You have a lovely style - positive, respectful, informed. Very useful information. You listened to the audience’s questions and needs and responded respectfully. You knowledgeably integrated your content with the audience's needs. Well done!”

(Brenda Lucas, Registered Clinical Counsellor)

“This has been relevant and essential as I move forward to address my child’s anxiety. Your focus on empowering and coaching parents is so important.”
(Adriane Schroeder, Parent)

“Very good. Loved the presentation! Really liked Julie-Anne’s style and enthusiasm. So much information included. Will recommend this.

(Amanda Zubylc, Parent)