Parenting Support

I know firsthand just how challenging (and exhausting!) parenting can be.  I am humbled daily as a parent of two little ones - a journey which I believe not only enriches my life, but that deepens my ability to be of use to the clients I support around parenting issues.  Additionally, I have years of extensive and varied experience working with children and teens in a school psychologist/psycho-educational consultant position within the public school system.  I believe this combination of professional, personal and practical experience puts me in good stead to support parents seeking my services.  

Areas of Specialization:

I am highly trained and experienced in the successful treatment of childhood and teen anxiety using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness. 

Do you seek maximum success in creating and implementing an effective and highly tailored treatment plan for your child's anxiety? Elevate your approach through individual parent coaching or by joining me live and online, in my interactive, small group, ant-anxiety coaching program - "Success Coaching for Parents of Anxious Children."

Some additional examples of areas for which I provide support include:                  

  • guidance for how best to support your child through difficult life experiences (e.g. divorce, family moves, death of a pet or loved one)   
  • supporting a child who is suffering from bullying at school and helping to halt that scenario
  • psycho-educational assessments for students who are struggling academically and/or behaviourally
  • coaching for parents on how to most effectively advocate for their child's needs within public or private school systems
  • modifying challenging and/or risky childhood/teen  behaviours
  • navigating the teen years - keeping the lines of communication open and the connection close between parent and teen
  • addressing and working through conflicting parenting styles within the couple
  • managing the stress and exhaustion often inherent in parenthood