Module 1: Results-Oriented Communication for Challenging Workplace Situations

The complexity of workplace dynamics can present uncomfortable and/or “sticky” situations. Whether with a parent colleague, or administrator, navigating a delicate conversation towards a mutually-beneficial or positive resolution is often a challenge - even for the best of communicators.
Participants will work with realistic and practical examples to acquire situation-specific communication “power tools.”
You will leave the workshop with information on how to effectively evaluate those challenging situations - and how to determine the right “tool” for the job.


Professionals who have taken this workshop have commented:

"Wonderful presentation! My people skills will be that much sharper! Enlightening and immediately  useful. I have lots more to learn — please do more workshops on this topic!” 

(Kim W., Elementary School Integration Aide) 

Clear, entertaining and meaninful! You have given me more terrific tools to use with staff, parents, and even with my family. Thanks!"

(Cassandra T., High School Resource Teacher)

"Fluent, dynamic and knowledgeable speaker. Great examples exhibited. Great personality. A speaker who displays confidence! Helpful and interesting content” 

(Pam N., Special Needs Consultant) 

"We had the rich opportunity to invite Julie-Anne on two occasions to speak with our high school resource teachers and support staff on the topic of managing difficult situations. Her knowledge, expertise and insight were artfully synthesized into a powerful and engaging presentation. Our school teams were most appreciative and we received excellent feedback from her sessions.” 

(Sue A., Special Needs Consultant)