Couple's Counselling

Every good partnership requires ongoing attention, perspective and regular, finely-tuned maintenance to keep it running at an optimal level.  Couple's counselling is one form of investing in the long-term strength and enjoyment of the relationship you have fostered with your significant other and this may take many forms.  

In my practice, I work from both an insight-oriented approach as well as a solution-focused approach.  My work with couples helps them to identify unhelpful patterns as well as healthy, productive dynamics within the relationship.  Communication, intimacy, mutual empowerment, and role dynamics are frequent topics within any given counselling session.  

I approach couple's counselling as a collaborative effort of exploration, discovery, and active strategizing aimed towards ultimately implementing a healthier and happier way of relating and operating within the partnership. 

However, at times, a couple enters counselling  having decided that "healthier and happier" - for them -indicates the need to go their separate ways.  In this circumstance, we work through this transition in a manner that allows for the greatest level of gentle respect and separation from their previous identity as "couple".  The clients I have worked with in this capacity often find their way to a new label for their connection.  Frequently, these clients discover a different manner of selfhood than had been experienced within their former relationship. Each couple brings different needs and I adjust our work together accordingly.  

Whatever the specific needs within your current relationship are, I would be honoured to support your goals by providing counselling tailored to your needs.  Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh perspective and a new set of skills.  It's always a journey and rarely routine, but rewarding in value.