Therapeutic Options

  • "Wellness Workshops" - often, what appears to be an "individual" challenge, is really part of a larger system.  Systems problems respond best to system-focused solutions.  I frequently provide dynamic in-house training, support, and psycho-education on a variety of wellness-related topics for organizations, companies, and community groups. Please see the upcoming workshops section for examples of recently presented topics and upcoming events.

  • "Take it Outside" - An alternative to an in-office location, these "walk and counsel" individual counselling/coaching sessions are provided while hiking together through Ladysmith's forested trails. Best-suited for those addressing mild to moderate levels of difficulty who want to incorporate the healing benefits of exercise and nature while working through life's challenges along the way.

  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy tailored for the treatment of anxiety, mood regulation, stress reduction/burnout prevention, and overall mental wellbeing.

  • Solution-­focused, individual short-term intensive or longer-term psychotherapy, counselling or coaching  

  • Couple's Counselling - frequently, individual sessions for each partner as well as sessions together

  • Parent Coaching - provided for individuals or couples navigating the bumps of parenthood

  • Psycho-educational Assessments for children and teens experiencing academic, social-emotional, or behavioural difficulties.