The Usual Suspects - Dealing With Difficult Personalities

We love people.

Except when we don’t.

Let’s face it - sometimes we just downright prefer our pets. 

Some people devour our energy and drain our joy.  But here’s the thing - they don’t have to and there is ever-so-much that you can do about it. 

In this interactive, skill-building, strategy-laden, fun and dynamic workshop, we’ll work to uncover, understand, and work with the famously challenging -  the passive aggressive, the outright aggressive, the negativist, the complainer; the proverbial flies in the ointment.

During this workshop, we will humanize each of these challenging personality types, come to understand what makes them tick, and learn how to communicate with and relate to each type effectively.   We will reflect on how our own style of relating may sometimes complicate things. Finally, rather than becoming ensnared in what can often feel like unproductive conflict and wheel spinning, you will learn how to employ advanced strategies in order to decrease tension and defensiveness, foster open communication and collaboration, and ultimately promote a shift towards positive and productive interaction.  This workshop provides a fun and dynamic, back-and-forth forum in which to explore these challenges.   The strategies presented offer an enhanced skill set for rising to the occasion with confidence of a positive outcome. 

Positive change is at hand - 

one interpersonal challenge at a time.


Professionals who have taken this workshop have commented:

"Thank you for an excellent, engaging, and useful presentation. We are posting the information from this workshop on the walls of our staff room!"

(Bog G., Administrator)

"You are a seasoned speaker who knows her material and practices it. I have seen you before - even better today! You gave us real-life value and solid tools. I also like that you point out that even the more difficult personality types bring something of value to the team (i.e. the "negativist" often being detail-oriented and good at finding potential pitfalls in plans.) I saw myself in this and it made me think of my role - the positive and negative - in our own school environment. Thank you!"

(Karen M. Elementary School Teacher)

"Excellent workshop - just what I wanted. Good back and forth discussion - very energetic - that got us all thinking. I will definitely use this information in my work, life and just about everywhere else!"

(Jodie K., High School Integration Aide)