The Art of Cultivating Excellence in Times of Change

As leaders, you operate under great pressure. In these times of challenging fiscal restraint, economic uncertainty, and rapid change, you lead a group of talented and dedicated (yet sometimes also exhausted and frustrated) employees towards the goal of growth and excellence. Not an easy task. When tension runs high and expectations are as numerous and diverse as the different stakeholders involved, cultivating “excellence” within a team can seem daunting to even the best of leaders. This custom-designed workshop addresses this reality head-on and is designed to enhance your leadership skill set with effective, realistic and powerful approaches to the challenges you face. 

This workshop covers:

  • Setting the Stage for Change
  • Ungruntling the Disgruntled - building and rebuilding relationships while dealing with challenging personalities, including your own.
  • Coaching for Performance - unleashing potential and tapping into hidden resources
  • Fostering Buy-In - motivating beyond the meeting doughnut
  • Redefining Excellence


Professionals who have taken this workshop have commented:

"Julie-Anne Richard's workshop on coaching for Excellence ‘was delivered with expertise and passion. Relevant coaching techniques and strategies were delivered utilizing a variety of instructional approaches including the use of engaging stories and humour. As the professional learning chairperson, I would highly recommend Julie-Anne’s presentation to any group seeking to improve their coaching skills for the purpose of enhancing individual performance and/or overall performance of any organization."

(Robyn Gray, Secondary School Principal)

“Very good presentation and energy! Julie-Anne provided valuable ideas for problem-solving with staff and parents."

(High School Administrator)

"Julie-Anne’s role-playing with Bill (a Principal in the Audience) was particularly powerful and brought the ideas to life,” 

(Elementary School Administrator)