Overhaul the Overwhelm

So, you got a little carried away in your enthusiasm to be (and do) everything for everyone.

That’s okay.  I applaud your ambition.

Now breathe.

Drop your cape, and reclaim your life.

This is your invitation to "overhaul the overwhelm" and replace feelings of being overloaded and under-fulfilled with a tailored, deliberate and fuelling approach to life.

This inspiring and strategy-based workshop guides you through a series of insight-oriented activities to help you target areas for change (big or small), embrace your unique potential, and live in sync with what fuels who you truly are. Map a route to creating personal and professional lives that sustain rather than drain.

“Overhaul the Overwhelm” is a half-day workshop through which you will identify what "optimal living" means for you. Develop an individualized plan for change that meets your needs and comfort level and leave with a concrete framework to support and sustain attainable, goal-directed action.

Consider this your invitation to join me for a much deserved recharge.

Even Wonder Woman deserves a pedicure.

Hang up the cape and invest in yourself.   

You’re most decidedly worth it.